Culpeper, Virginia, boasts two wineries: Unicorn Winery and Old House Vineyards.  Both seem to offer a good selection of varietals and blends.  But that’s really not what this page is about.

I first ran into Kristi Culpepper under her nom-de-Twitter of Bond Girl (@MuniLass).  She was writing anonymously then, putting out some incredibly detailed analyses of criminal activity in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania municipal trash burner default and several municipal bankruptcies.  I have used some of these writings when I teach finance.

In early 2014 the Bloomberg News organization decided they would discover and reveal Bond Girl’s true identity: Kristi Culpepper.  My guess is that they didn’t like the competition.  And, truthfully, Bond Girl was doing a lot of the digging that any real business news organization should be doing.  Along with Tyler Durden (@ZeroHedge), Ms. Culpepper does the best analysis around.

So when I ran into Culpeper, Virginia, I was intrigued.  I asked Kristi if her family was connected to this region.  Her tweeted replies are shown below, along with a few bits of history.  Incidentally, she now lives in Kentucky.


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Culpeper's Rebellion

Culpeper’s Rebellion


Culpeper Minutmen Flag

Culpeper Minutmen Flag