Schloss Biebrich Sekt

Schloss Biebrich Trocken

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Bargain of the decade. I’ve been informed that at least some Trader Joe’s in northern Virginia are offering Schloss Biebrich Sekt. In the greater Silicon Valley (CA) area the price is $5.49 a bottle.  This is a sparkler from Germany’s Henkell & Co. Gruppe. Trust us, this will not compete with any reasonable quality sparkler — from the US, France, Italy, or — yes — Germany.  But it is light, unpretentious, and very quaffable.  It’s also about 11% alcohol so you don’t have to destroy your liver.

We occasionally review serious bargains.  At this price you can afford to buy a few bottles to see if you like it.

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Tony Lima has been a wine fan since arriving in California from the east coast in 1974. He's lived the growth and expansion of the industry first hand. He's seen the fickle California Wine consumer fads pop up and burst... the craze for Zinfandel, then oaky Chardonnay, then Merlot, now Pinot Noir. His day job is Professor of Economics at California State University located in Hayward. His undergrad degree in chemical engineering (MIT) and his MBA ( Harvard) and Ph.D. Economics (Stanford) are the root of his interest in the Business of Wine. He is a card-carrying member of the AAWE - Association of American Wine Economists.

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